In the opening moments of the CSI: Miami premiere (airing Monday at 10 pm/ET), Horatio Caine, gunned down in the season finale, is zipped up in a body bag. What the...?! "It looks pretty bad for him, it does," Eva La Rue says in this video. Natalia Boa Vista's portrayer teases more about the " very exciting" season opener, including one team member's involvement in H's shooting, saying she read the script "cover-to-cover before the coffee was down halfway."

La Rue also defends Miami's improbably tricked-out lab (at the 1:20 mark), laughs at Natalia's awful introduction to gunplay, and shares how the departure of Khandi Alexander "was sad for all of us" (2:40). Also, I pressed her best I could for scoop on the Calleigh-Delko romance (3:20).

On a side note, check out the size of the recently engaged actress' sparkler! Oh my. - Matt Mitovich