Question: The latest rumor on the CSI forums is that Marg Helgenberger isn't planning to renew her contract at the end of the season. Do you have any info on that?

Answer: No, but I do believe this is the last season on her current contract (ditto William Petersen), so her moving on is entirely possible. Speaking of Helgenberger, there's a big episode early in the season that will dig deeper into her family drama specifically Sam's legacy to her. We'll also see her venture outside the lab in an episode that features the return of her real-life husband, Alan Rosenberg. "One of the things he's going to offer Catherine is sort of an opportunity to be on a dream-team-type defense on a high-profile case," explains executive producer Carol Mendelsohn. "And she gets a little touch of the high life doing that. You get paid well, you get to stay in nice hotels, you get to have nice meals.... It's going to be a little tantalizing for her." I guess we'll find out how tantalizing when Marg's contract comes up for renewal next May!