O.J. Simpson mug shot courtesy Clark County Detention Center O.J. Simpson mug shot courtesy Clark County Detention Center

Here we go again. O.J. Simpson says he didn't do it, but he's been arrested for stealing his own sports memorabilia at gunpoint from a Vegas hotel room. The former football player maintains that he was only retrieving his goods swiped from him, but a tape obtained by TMZ indicates otherwise. On it, O.J. basically goes all O.J. on the vendor he claims is a thief.

"Whether or not the property belonged to Mr. Simpson or not is still in debate," a Sin City detective told the Associated Press Sunday. "Having said that, the manner in which this property was taken, we have a responsibility to look into that, irregardless of who the property belonged to."

Simpson has been charged with two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit a crime and burglary with a firearm. If convicted, he could get as many as 30 years in state prison on each robbery count alone. He's currently being held without bail and being subjected to countless, "What happens in Vegas... " jokes.

Meanwhile, in Nashville, country singer Mindy McCready has been sentenced to a year in prison for violating her probation on a 2004 drug charge. She's already been in jail since July, when she was busted for allegedly roughing up her mother. - Reporting by Ben Katner