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Cress Williams Hopes Black Panther's Success Will Bring Viewers to Black Lightning

DC v. Marvel rivalry? What rivalry?

Lindsay MacDonald

There may be an age-old, bitter rivalry between DC Comics and Marvel Comics, but when it comes to the black superheroes of each universe, there's nothing but love and support. At least, that's the sentiment we got fromBlack Lightning's Cress Williams.

Williams recently told reporters that he took his family to see Black Panther in theaters, and he's hopeful that the wild success of the film will draw more people to his own superhero series, Black Lighting.

"We're now on the other side of the Olympics and awards season and all that, so I think we'll see this kind of latter half what effect [Black Panther] had," Williams said. "I hope it has a positive effect. A lot of people were like, 'Oh man, your numbers are going to totally go up!' It actually makes sense because Black Panther was such a great movie and hopefully it whets your appetite for more, so then you have the opportunity to watch a TV show like every single week. So I hope so. We haven't really seen it yet."

Black Lightning Delivers a Superpowered Daddy-Daughter Smackdown!

There's not always an obvious correlation between what does well in the box office and what does well in TV ratings, but it's probably safe to say that at least a few die-hard Black Panther fans will check out Black Lightning to see what it's all about.

While Williams had nothing but kind things to say about Black Panther, the part of the movie that stood out to him specifically were the female characters. He was quick to sing the praises of film's women, making sure to mention how glad he was that his daughter got to see them in action.

"I was amazed at the women of the movie. That was my take away, that the women were like phenomenal," said Williams. "To me, the characters were so well acted and well carved out, and they were such an important part... If you take the women away, the movie -- I'm going to be honest - the movie is all right. You put the women and what they did, that takes it to great. So to be sitting there with my daughter, who's 12-years-old... for her to see these women, it was phenomenal."

Black Lightning airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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