Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) has moved on from Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She's got a new roommate and a new future ahead of her — one that doesn't include Greg (Santino Fontana), who has left West Covina. It's an opportune time, then, for her to embrace a clean slate and focus on herself!

Who are we kidding? This is Rebecca Bunch, after all, so that noble idea doesn't last long in Friday's episode. But after a chance encounter with her former flame, she opts not to throw herself at him and instead emerges with just one thing on her mind: payback. And this time, she has reinforcements.

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That's right. Rebecca has a new, unlikely ally in her quest to make Josh suffer. This week, she and her accomplice join forces to unleash a nasty public punishment he won't soon forget. Maybe Rebecca's found her soulmate after all.

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