Craig Ferguson Craig Ferguson

First Dave, now Craig?

Less than a week after death threats were made against David Letterman, Craig Ferguson received an envelope containing white powder purported to be anthrax. It later turned out to be harmless.

"Today someone sent an envelope packed with white powder to the show. I offered to test it, but they said 'no,'" Ferguson joked in his Late Late Show monologue on Tuesday's show.

David Letterman returns to work after death threat

Two people were temporarily held at the studio Tuesday afternoon after being exposed to the powder and were released after a hazardous materials team determined it was benign, The Associated Press reports

. Los Angeles Police Det. Gus Villanueva said the package came from overseas, but declined to discuss further specifics. The LAPD and F.B.I. are currently investigating the situation.Ferguson thanked the LAPD, FBI, Los Angeles Fire Department and CBS security on Twitter for their efforts and used the situation to poke fun of himself on the show."In the old days, if someone sent me white powder, I'd have said, 'Yeah!' I'd have snorted it, ended up at a party at Elton John's house, or rehab, or both," he said. "But nowadays, white powder in the mail is bad. I called CBS security, and they said, 'We're busy.' I said, 'I am a personal friend of Drew Carey's.' And they said, 'Send someone over right away.'"Watch Ferguson's monologue below: