Question: A couple of weeks ago you confirmed that producers were considering Scott Speedman for a role on ER (Ask Ausiello 7/15). Can we get an update?

Answer: Well, apparently, show runner David Zabel wasn't one of those producers. "We've never spoken about Scott Speedman," he maintains. "I swear to you that name, as far as I know, has never even come up. I don't know anything about Scott Speedman joining the cast and, as far as I know, there's no plan for Scott Speedman to join the cast." Zabel does confirm that a new, male doc will be introduced in the fifth episode, but "the character is actually crafted to be older than what Scott Speedman would play. We have to cast that role in the next three or four weeks." Dammit, ABC, just put Jake in Progress out of its misery and let John Stamos fulfill his destiny!