Busy Phillips Busy Phillips

Hide the wine and cut back on the curse words — Cougar Town is getting a visit from the underage crowd.

On Tuesday's episode (10/9c on TBS), Busy Philipps' 5-year-old daughter, Birdie, will appear on the show as a young girl smitten with the delectable cakes made by Philipps' character, Laurie.

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Although Birdie has been a regular on the Cougar Town set since she was 5 months old, Philipps hesitated when she first saw her daughter's name in the script. "I said, 'OK, well, let's everybody hold on. Let me ask her if she wants to do it first,' and she said, 'Yeah.' She really wanted to try it," Philipps recalls.

So does Birdie have her mom's chops? Watch the video to get a first look at her appearance and to see what her Cougar Town co-stars have to say:

Cougar Town airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on TBS.