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An actress and former fashion model who appeared on an episode of The Cosby Show is the latest person to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual harassment.

Helen Gumpel (nee Selby) held a news conference on Sunday in Boston, where Cosby was scheduled to perform back-to-back comedy shows, saying he made lewd gestures towards her in the late 1980s. (Hours beforehand, he had canceled both performances, citing bad weather.)

Why no one should be surprised by the accusations against Bill Cosby

Gumpel claims that she was brought to Cosby's dressing room after filming her episode for what she thought was another audition, The Associated Press reports. There, she says he gave her a drink and then "stood in front of her with his crotch in her face," according to the AP. Gumpel says she refused his advances and believes her career suffered as a result.

Despite the numerous allegations against him, Cosby has not yet been charged with any crimes.