Cory Monteith Cory Monteith

The coroner's report on Cory Monteith's death has confirmed that he died of an accidental and lethal dose of "intravenous heroin use combined with the ingestion of alcohol."

The Glee star was found dead on July 13 in a hotel in downtown Vancouver, Canada at the age of 31. The report details that when Monteith missed his checkout, hotel staff checked his room and discovered him on the floor.

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Found along with Monteith's body in the hotel room were drug paraphernalia, including "a spoon with drug residue and a user hypodermic needle, along with two empty champagne bottles and glasses."

A toxicology report revealed that Monteith had a blood alcohol level of 0.13 percent, and also detected the presence of morphine, codeine and 6-monoacetyl morphine (an unambiguous metabolite of heroin.) The report notes that heroin users typically build up a tolerance for opioid drug usage, but if they abstain for longer periods of time, then their tolerance for the drug decreases with fatal consequences.  

Monteith, who previously entered rehab for drug abuse when he was 19, was best known for playing Finn Hudson on the Fox musical dramedy.