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"Be a part of it or get the hell out!"

On the new season of Copper (Sunday, 10/9c, BBC America), Brigadier General Brendan Donovan (Donal Logue) makes a strong first impression when he returns to Five Points after the Civil War to really clean up the sex, drugs and violence in the area. For our copper, Det. Kevin Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones), this is the kind of leadership he needs to make a real difference in the ward. Besides, he could use a bit of a distraction, now that his missing wife Ellen (Alex Paxton-Beesley) has returned after he learned of her affair with his former best friend Det. Francis Maguire (Kevin Ryan).

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Just what kind of uphill battle is Donovan facing in the district? A newspaper at the time called it "Satan's circus." Sounds fun. Let's take a look:

Copper kicks off its second season on Sunday at 10/9c on BBC America.