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9-1-1 Season 3 Finale Trailer Reveals Abby Is Back -- With a Fiancé

Looks like she's in for a post-crash clash with Buck!

Amanda Bell

As promised, Abby Clark (Connie Britton) is back on 9-1-1 for its two-part Season 3 finale! Britton briefly returned to her role in Monday night's episode, which otherwise centered on Athena's (Angela Bassett) difficult pursuit of the serial rapist who got away before. Abby appeared in the final moments of the episode, calling into dispatch to report a mass casualty train wreck. Her arc will continue in the second part of the Season 3 finale, airing Monday, May 11 at 8/7c on Fox, and the above teaser shows us a bit of the action ahead.

Not only is Abby back -- stirring up old feelings for Buck (Oliver Stark) -- but it turns out she was riding the crashed train with her, gulp, fiancé! That's not going to make what looks like an overwhelming disaster scene any worse, will it?

Oliver Stark previously told TV Guide that the crash incident will be, "in terms of scale ... bigger than anything we've done in the past." Stark also hinted that, after his emotional experience of meeting a former firefighter who'd let the love of his own life slip away, Buck needed to get "closure" on his relationship with Abby, which ended abruptly when Britton left the cast of 9-1-1. It looks like Buck might get some answers after all -- even if it's not what he wants to hear.

9-1-1's Oliver Stark Teases Train Derailment in Season 3 Finale: 'It's Going to Be Bigger Than Anything We've Done'

Britton left the show after its first season. Former Fox chairman and CEO Gary Newman told press at the 2018 Television Critics Association tour that her role "was always envisioned to be a one-year role" so it "wasn't a surprise she wasn't coming back," but that he and producer Ryan Murphy were open to the prospect of her return. "If Connie expressed interest and had some time in the future, I know Ryan would be thrilled to bring her back to the show and use her again, and hopefully they'll be some opportunities to do that," Newman said.

9-1-1 airs on Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

Connie Britton, 9-1-1

Connie Britton, 9-1-1