Question: Congrats on the J.J. Abrams exclusive (Ask Ausiello 9/21)! It's great that you got him to give you more info on the Vaughn situation, but do you have to be so gullible? He's obviously trying to do damage control on the misguided decision to fire Michael Vartan; do you need to play along by telling everyone to "chill out"? I can understand wanting to stay in people's good graces, but there should be some limits!

Answer: Look, I was merely suggesting that Vartan-iacs take a deep breath and consider the possibility that J.J. one of the tube's greatest storytellers ever knows what he's doing. The guy rarely, if ever, lets me down, so I'm inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. If that makes me gullible, so be it. Now, if you want to discuss this further, come to my book signing at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Greenwich Village, 396 Ave. of the Americas at

8th St., New York, NY
, at 7:30 pm this Friday and we can have it out there. Actually, you may want to arrive a little earlier. B&N expects a huge protest crowd to start forming outside the store at around 7 pm, so things could get a little hairy.