Yvette Nicole Brown, Malcolm Jamal Warner Yvette Nicole Brown, Malcolm Jamal Warner

Watch out, Subway! Shirley is going into the sandwich-making business.

When Community returns Thursday (8/7c, NBC), Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) is taking the plunge... twice! Not only is she going to remarry Andre (Malcolm Jamal-Warner) but she's also going to put into practice those entrepreneurial skills she learned in the hallowed halls of Greendale. With Pierce (Chevy Chase) as a backer and the dean (Jim Rash) as the liaison, how could she fail?

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"Shirley is pretty fierce as a businesswoman," Brown tells TVGuide.com "I don't think that's been shown yet. There's no way that she would know that, but she's about business. She knows her business and once she moves in that direction, she's fierce."

In honor of Shirley dipping her toe into the pool of capitalism, we asked the cast to share their favorite sandwiches:

Alison Brie, "Annie Edison" - My favorite sandwich is called the Italian Sandwich, and you can get it at Buster's in South Pasadena. It's on a baguette with onions and tomatoes and mozzarella. It's a great date sandwich, but you both have to eat it. 

Yvette Nicole Brown, "Shirley Bennett" - I love the Chick-fil-A regular chicken sandwich so much. If only I could bathe myself in Chick-fil-A chicken. And I do the waffle fries. I do nothing on the fries or the chicken: I'm a purist. Just give me that chicken, two pickles, that bun and some waffle fries and I'm good.

Gillian Jacobs, "Britta Perry" - I had a prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich today with arugula that was awesome. It was on a baguette.

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Joel McHale, "Jeff Winger" - All the sandwiches at Larchmont Village Wine and Cheese here in LA are good, but the soppressata-salami is amazing. And the advantage of Larchmont Wine and Cheese is that you can drink wine. Also there's a bakery in Atwater called Proof, they make a butter and prosciutto sandwich on French bread. You eat it, but then you have to stop because your heart goes, "What the f--- just happened?" And then you get through it, and it's worth it. 

Danny Pudi, "Abed Nadir" -  I've been having this awesome one right now at this place called Little Flower, which is a broccolini and burrata and roasted tomato sandwich. It's fantastic.

Jim Rash, "Dean Pelton" - Any sandwich they can make at Bay Cities, I'll eat. Anything they make. Hot.

Community airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.