Danny Pudi and Gillian Jacobs Danny Pudi and Gillian Jacobs

"Can I get a 'pop pop'?" TV Guide Magazine's L.A. Bureau Chief Michael Schneider, who moderated the Community panel, asked a crowd of 2,000 fans before the cast hit the stage at Comic-Con. The audience channeled their inner Magnitude and obliged enthusiastically, setting the tone of fan love for the rest of the hour-long session. The entire cast — minus Alison Brie, who was unavailable due to a filming conflict — ran on stage to deafening cheers, with the loudest being reserved for Donald Glover and Joel McHale. But the surprise cast member of the hour was Annie's Boobs, Greendale's resident monkey, who delivered the Community Season 2 DVD to creator Dan Harmon. "I don't know what she's doing, but I think she's pooping," said Harmon after the skit.

The news that had the room buzzing was that The Wire star Michael K. Williams will be heading to Greendale next season to play a biology teacher. "I just want to point out that Yvette [Nicole Brown] is looking up Michael K. Williams on IMDB," said McHale in the middle of the panel. Rest assured, she was only looking for trivia to share with the crowd. "I only answer questions about The Wire now," laughed Glover. Harmon said in hiring Williams, they wanted to "add a layer of intensity. You can threaten the hell out of everyone with a certain flavor, so let's add an element of The Wire to Community."

The session got a bit musical when Gillian Jacobs was pressured by the audience to sing a snippet of Britta's song "Hit Me With Your Genie's Bottle," and McHale sang a few lines of George Michael's "Faith," to the delight of the screaming fans. "I feel the love," said Jacobs. As for Community's Emmy love — or lack thereof — Harmon is thinking positively. "I want an Emmy for this show, and we'll get one eventually," he said, prompting Chevy Chase to add, "I have my Emmys!"

As for upcoming Season 3 storylines, Chase joked that we'll be seeing a lot more of a certain character. "Danny, you're going to show your penis this year," revealed Chase, which prompted Pudi to partially unzip his pants, eliciting catcalls from the crowd. "Just show one ball," laughed Glover.

When a fan asked what the characters would dress up as for Comic-Con, Glover was quick to respond. "I would dress up as Spiderman," he said. "But Troy and Abed would be Mario and Luigi or Ren and Stimpy."

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