Boys will be stupid. On L.A.'s Kevin and Bean morning show, Kid Rock blamed MTV and the Baywatch babe's other ex, Tommy Lee, for his recent bout. The cabler kept him in too-close proximity with the Mötley Crüe drummer, he claimed, and when he and Anderson were splitting up, Lee allegedly swiped Pam's BlackBerry and used it to send his successor naughty messages. (Talk dirty to me, indeed.)

Rock added that what started the brawl was Lee's mouth: Tommy "was doing what he does best... talk."

If this keeps up, Lee just might agree to a Las Vegas promoter's indecent proposal: a fight during which the rivals would trade blows until one of them is knocked out. The "winner," TMZ reports, would receive $1 million; the loser, the digits of Mini Britney, who's been tapped to be the ring girl.