John Barrowman John Barrowman

"This is the secret of Comic-Con," said TV Guide Magazine Senior Editor William Keck as he introduced the panelists for TV Guide Magazine Presents: Super Supernaturals. "It's the hottest and sexiest panel I've ever seen." Judging by the screams in the audience, the crowd agreed, welcoming sci-fi favorites Joe Anderson (The River); John Barrowman (Torchwood: Miracle Day); Janina Gavankar (True Blood); Thomas Dekker (The Secret Circle); David Greenwalt (Grimm); Theo James (Bedlam); Jim Kouf (Grimm); Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf); Britt Robertson (The Secret Circle); Mark A. Sheppard (Supernatural); and Phoebe Tonkin (The Secret Circle).

The loudest cheers were reserved for Barrowman, who took command of the panel with his biting comebacks and funny facial expressions. When Dekker said that most fairy tales don't feature a mother figure, replaced instead by fairies, Barrowman gave a thumbs up and replied, "We all need fairies," to huge laughs. When Carbone discussed True Blood's vampire sex and the garments worn by the actors to preserve their modesty, Barrowman said, "I only have sex with boys." To which Carbone replied, "Same here. This has just become the dirtiest panel at Comic-Con." Then Barrowman addressed Teen Wolf's Posey: "Tyler, you can come on my show and I'll teach you how to time travel. Woof woof!"

The audience was also treated to a first-look trailer of NBC's upcoming supernatural thriller Grimm, which was well received by the audience and fellow panelists. "You're sick and I love you!" yelled Barrowman to producers Greenwalt and Kouf. Sheppard, who received a warm welcome for playing Supernatural's Crowley, was mum on details about a possible reappearance next season, but did discuss his new slimmer figure. "There's a lot of good looking men on television these days, and I don't want to be the fat guy," he said, laughing.

The biggest moment was saved for the end, when an audience member, dressed in Captain Jack Harkness garb, sang to Barrowman. After the song — seductively performed in the style of Marilyn Monroe — Barrowman jumped into the crowd and planted a big wet kiss on the fan's lips as the audience erupted in cheers and took pictures. "Please don't have herpes," Barrowman pleaded before adding, "Welcome to the world of supernaturals!"

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