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Once Upon a Time's second season hasn't even begun filming, but the cast and producers came to Comic-Con Saturday ready to spill details — and boy did they!

Now that magic has returned to Storybrooke, a whole slew of fairy tale characters will be joining the ranks of Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) & Co. Who's set to appear? Find out below what the cast and executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis revealed at the panel, which was moderated by TV Guide Magazine's Will Keck. Plus: Who's Henry's father? Will they make it back to fairy tale land? Who is Dr. Whale (David Anders)?

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1. Title teasers: Once Upon a Time

's title cards are known for revealing incoming characters, like The Big Bad Wolf and Maleficent as the dragon. Fans got a sneak peek at a few of the new title cards for next season, including Jack and the Beanstalk, Sleeping Beauty (Sarah Bolger), Mulan (Jamie Chung) and what appeared to be the Love Bug — or Emma's car. Guesses?2. Hook! New footage for Season 2 featured Henry (Jared Gilmore) pleading for help, explaining that even though the curse was broken, bad things are still happening in Storybrooke. Cut to a mysterious man break into Mr. Gold's (Robert Carlyle) pawn shop and breaking one of the glass cases in order to steal something back: His hook for a hand. That's right, Peter Pan's Captain Hook is coming to Storybrooke!3. Storybrooke vs. fairy tale land: The curse may have been lifted in the season finale, but our favorite characters weren't transported back to fairy tale land. Why? "Everyone says go back, but who knows if there's anything to go back to," Kitsis teased. Plus: We'll learn why certain parts of fairy tale land — like Snow White's glass coffin — appeared in the real world in the finale. The producers also noted that the show will still go back and forth between Storybrooke and fairy tale land, and they won't be erasing everyone's extra memories from Storybrooke.4. Henry's origins: The producers promised that in Season 2 we will definitely learn the identity of Henry's birth father. Jennifer Morrison already knows who it is. "People will be very excited to see that story line play out for sure," she said. Joked Kitsis, "It might be Sneezy!" Morrison also hopes that we'll someday meet Emma's foster parents, but that story line is not in the first two episodes of Season 2.

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5. Returning faces:
Now that the show will be introducing Sleeping Beauty in Season 2, the producers hinted that Maleficent (Kristin Bauer) — who appeared to meet her demise in the finale — might return. "I didn't see her body," Kitsis and Horowtiz teased in unison. "There's magic in Storybrooke now," Kitsis added. The producers also hinted that Rumpelstiltskin's son Bae will likely appear in Season 2. Meanwhile, Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan) made a guest appearance in a spoof video for a fake dating site called Singlebrooke, so here's hoping he'll also return.

5. Magic issues: Now that magic is in Storybrooke, Ruby can turn into The Big Bad Wolf once a month when the moon shines. Will that be an issue in Season 2? "Is that not the biggest question? That would be bad," Meghan Ory teased.

6. Whale, revealed: Many of the Storybrooke residents' dual identities were revealed last season, but that of Dr. Whale is still a mystery. However, the producers promised his fairy tale alter ego would be revealed in Season 2. 

7. New faces: Besides Mulan and Sleeping Beauty, the producers welcomed the idea of introducing other Disney characters. In particular, they were very receptive to Ariel and Aladdin, but not so much for Winnie the Pooh and Goofy. (Rightly so!)

Which new characters would you like to see on Once Upon a Time?

Once Upon a Time returns Sundays this fall on ABC.

Check out the title cards, Hook's introduction and the Singlebrooke spoof below: