Question: How could you come back after two weeks of no AA and not have any scoop on Desperate Housewives?

Answer: The glass is always half empty with you people. I was actually sitting on the Desperate dish to prevent it from getting buried under last week's avalanche of post-press tour scoop, so a) simmer yourself and b) listen up, 'cause here come the goods: Series creator Marc Cherry and I spent some QT at TCA, during which he confirmed buzz that Jesse Metcalfe would only be tending to Eva Longoria's bushes for a handful of episodes this season. "But," he added, "I'm hoping to get him back next season for a bigger story." Cherry also contributed another name to the swelling list of actresses who were considered for the role of Susan before it was offered to poor Teri Hatcher. "I'm the hugest Courteney Cox fan," he confided to my colleague, Damian Holbrook. "For about two seconds I considered going after her for the part but then we heard she was taking time off to have a baby. But of course, I'm so glad we ended up with Teri Hatcher."