Before he was playing the skeevy Proxy Snyder on Colony, Peter Jacobson starred as Dr. Chris Taub onHouse. And apparently for one fan, the line between fiction and reality became a bit muddled.

"A guy in an airport came up and started telling me about his wife's problems with her arm," Jacobson recalls. "It became clear that he was truly seeking my medical advice. I needed to let him know that it was just a television show.

"I had no idea [what was wrong with his wife]," he continues. "She probably has lupus. That's all I can tell you."

On the bright side, we can only imagine what would happen if a fan instead thought Jacobson was really was an unrepentant collaborator with humanity's mysterious overlords.

Check out what else Jacobson and his Colony co-stars Amanda Righetti and Tory Kittles reveal in the video above.

Colony airs Thursdays at 10/9 on USA.