Back in September, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard got in trouble when they failed to declare their dogs Pistol and Boo when entering Australia. Since Australia has strict laws about bringing animals into the country, as part of a plea deal Depp and Heard recorded a video explaining how they broke the rules, and apologizing to the whole continent.

...And the video is really, really weird.

In fact, it's less like an apology video, and more like a hostage video. Heard seems on the verge of tears, and Depp is doing some sort of mush-mouthed Marlon Brando impression. Oh, and in case you're wondering, when it sounds like he's saying, "Australians are both warm and erect," he's actually saying "direct." FYI.

Naturally, late night hosts picked up on the strangeness of the video, so Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel each devoted portions of their shows Monday to parodying the clip. As you can see up top, Colbert made his own version of the video, complete with an Amber Heard lookalike apologizing for all the crimes they've committed against Australia — and closing with a stirring rendition of the Australian National Anthem (blowing a didgeridoo and singing "Man Down Under" while wearing a Jack Sparrow-style pirate hat). Kimmel's take was less elaborate, running the video through Snapchat filters.

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