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CNET's newest show Tomorrow Daily is launching June 16, and it isn't your average tech series. Hosted by Ashley Esequeda and Rich DeMuro, Tomorrow Daily hopes to capture a more fun side of the technology world.

"I'm very much a proponent of optimism in technology and enthusiasm in technology, and I think that the fanboy scene, whether it's gaming or technology or in other aspects of our lives, can be really cynical," Esqueda says. "There's so much cynicism in the world and for me it's more about appreciating what we have."

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Of course, that doesn't mean Esqueda isn't above making fun of something when it's warranted, but the host insists it's always in good fun. Tomorrow Daily will apply this upbeat approach to the whole world of tech, including video games, robots, space, computers, Kickstarters and big events such as iPhone reveals. But in addition to covering the daily news, Tomorrow Daily will also include a variety of standalone segments.

"I am very inspired by late-night TV and I think that in particular Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon have really inspired the tempo and the structure of [Tomorrow Daily], in that they've done this amazing job of revolutionizing late-night," Esqueda says. "So I was really inspired by that and came up with segments that were tech-related that people could share [without necessarily] having to watch the entire show."

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