Amy Sedaris Amy Sedaris

"Lost" amid the hubbub surrounding Amy Sedaris' sitcom deal with Fox may have been the juicy nugget that the Strangers with Candy alumna will be guesting on multiple episodes of TNT's The Closer. But rather than playing kin to Kyra Sedgwick, as some of you would have spec'd, Sedaris is coming on as Fritz's sister.

But make no mistake, you'll get plenty of Sedaris-Sedgwick action.

Closer creator James Duff tells me that Sedaris' Claire Howard whiles away her days as "a psychic who's wandered the occupational landscape, taking on, at various times, the job of yoga instructor, glass blower, Cirque de Soleil student...." Since federal agent Fritz is a bit embarrassed by Claire's "overt spirituality," Brenda winds up spending quality time with her soon-to-be sister-in-law — to the point that Claire brings her mad skillz to one of the PHD's MCD's cases. In doing so, Ms. Howard will form a "special bond" with one of the detectives, I am told.

Watch for Sedaris-as-Claire when The Closer resumes Season 4 in January.