I Cloned My Pet I Cloned My Pet

Danielle Tarantola's Double Trouble is no average pet — he's a cloned version of Danielle's previous pup, named Trouble.

"They're identical ... and he does the same thing Trouble used to do!" she tells TVGuide.com.

The new special I Cloned My Pet (debuting Wednesday, 9/8c, TLC) takes a look into the practice that enables people like Danielle to reproduce her pet. "Why not get a new animal?" we asked. "I just wanted this dog," she says.

In the video below, Danielle (joined by Double Trouble) explains why she spent thousands of dollars to duplicate Trouble and shares the feedback she's gotten from those around her. Plus: What will viewers think after watching? "[People might say] 'You're crazy,' but who isn't?" she says.