Claire Danes and Jimmy Fallon, <em>The Tonight Show</em> Claire Danes and Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show

Claire Danes appeared on The Tonight Show Monday night and played "Fast Family Feud" with Jimmy Fallon. All she had to do was buzz in and guess the most popular answer to the survey question and she would automatically win the round, but she couldn't do it.

First, she shouted over Jimmy when he buzzed in before her, clearly demonstrating a lack of understanding of the rules, and then she said the F-word when he chided her. Then, when given the question "name something you bring home from spring break," she answered "homework," which is a stunningly incorrect answer. Not only does Claire Danes not understand Family Feud, she doesn't understand spring break either. She also doesn't know what "brb" stands for. Claire Danes is woefully out of touch.

Watch the clip: