Robert Kirkman has earned the benefit of the doubt thanks to making bazillions of dollars for AMC thanks to his series The Walking Dead, so why not give his new Cinemax show Outcast a second season already?

The premium cable network announced that Outcast will get a second season before the series premiered during a screening of the pilot at SXSW Monday afternoon. Cinemax also revealed that Outcast will premiere Friday, June 3 (a specific time is to be determined).

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The series is based on Kirkman's graphic novel of the same name, which dips into the trending topic demonic possession. Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous) stars as Barnes, a man who has suffered from possession all his life and is on a quest to look for answers with help from the hard-drinking evangelist Reverend Anderson.

The premiere date for Outcast comes hours after AMC announced the premiere date for its own gritty supernatural drama that touches on possession, Preacher.