Cindy Crawford is praying she never gets trapped in an elevator with Madonna. The supermodel/entrepreneur told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, Calif., that while she reveres the recently wed pop diva's ability to constantly reinvent herself — and set fashion trends in the process — personally, she quipped, she "scares the s--- out of me."

Later, Crawford — who was promoting Fashion Flashback, her upcoming four-part series on the new Women's Entertainment (WE) network — clarified her remarks to TV Guide Online. "You just get the sense that Madonna is going to tell you what's on her mind, if it's bad or good," she says, adding that she "didn't mean [that comment] in a literal sense, but it's just her presence... she just seems like a no-nonsense type of person.

"If she didn't like what you were wearing, or if she didn't like something you said on Jay Leno the night before, she would tell you, and I don't think our society is used to that kind of in-your-face confrontations," Crawford continues. "But I admire her for it."

Revlon's departing spokesperson says she shared a brief encounter with Madonna. "I met her, but it was only like, 'Hello,'" she explains. "I was probably hiding in the corner."

Crawford concedes that motherhood and marriage have likely softened the Material Girl's rough edges. In fact, should she run into her again, Crawford says she may actually have the guts to start up a conversation. What would she say? "She's in a very different stage in her life, and I am, too," she says. "We both have kids, we're both married, so we'd probably end up talking about diapers or breast-feeding or something."