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Have you ever wondered what happens when one spy infiltrates another spy's interview? You're about to find out. caught up with Chuck's Zachary Levi while he was on location at the NBC Experience Store in New York to get the inside word on the new season. Ryan McPartlin, super-sleuth that he is, happened to be in the TV Guide Network studios in Los Angeles at the time and decided to join in on the fun. Find out from Levi which relationship will suffer this season, who his dream kissing-partner is and how McPartlin will single handedly bring in millions of viewers. Ryan McParltin is actually in our studio right now, but in the other room. He wanted to ask the first question of your interview. This is from Ryan: What are you most comfortable with or do find most rewarding while performing on the show: Is it the comedy with the Buy More stuff, the action with the spy life or is it the romance with Sarah?
Zachary Levi:
Well, you tell Ryan that that's an excellent question. I really love all three of those things. The stunts and the action stuff the most, though. I'm a little kid. The little boy in me has been crying, "Go find a job where you can run around shooting things and racing cars." Now I get to do that in a very safe environment and get paid to do it. It's pretty awesome. I love doing all the comedy as well and bouncing jokes and situations off of Josh Gomez. The romance with [Yvonne Strahovski], or any of the beautiful women who come on the show... pretty awesome, I'm not going to lie. Sometimes my job is just to kiss a really beautiful girl and that doesn't suck.

Chuck's Josh Schwartz: "It was boy becomes man last year, and this year it's man becomes spy" Do you have any questions for Ryan you'd like me to ask?
Ask him: When is he going to step it up and stop bringing the show down? [Laughs] He's been doing it for two-and- a-half years now and I don't know what to do. I've talked to him, we've had counseling. Please ask him that. Do you think Chuck has the ability to become a real spy?
I do think he has the ability to become a real spy. I kind of feel like it's his destiny. It's like Skywalker becoming the supreme Jedi. I feel like Chuck, given enough time, the right circumstances and the right coaxing, could and will become the greatest spy ever. That certainly could be in the cards. You take the unlikely hero and he becomes that. You get to kiss Kristin Kreuk. If you could have anyone guest-star as a kissing partner, who would it be?
Oh wow, my girlfriend is going to love this question. Anyone? Jack Nicholson. [Laughs] He has very supple lips, have you seen them? Should we worry about our favorite bromance, Chuck and Morgan?
Yes and no. The bromance does suffer more and more because Chuck is slowly but surely becoming a spy, therefore less of a Buy More employee and less of a friend. Morgan feels that, he really does. Chuck feels that too, but he doesn't know how to handle or fix that. It finds its way, you'll see.

10 questions with Chuck's Zachary Levi Will anyone else from his family and friends find out about him being a spy, besides Captain Awesome, who I am looking at now.
Please smack Ryan in the face for me. [Laughs] You will smack him in the face, I'm using my Jedi mind tricks on you. Tell Ryan they are selling Captain Awesome T-shirts at the NBC Experience Store.
Ryan McPartlin: Do we get a percentage of that? That's all I want to know. [Laughs]
Levi: Hey buddy! I don't think you get a percentage. When you sign the contract to be in the show, you sign away percentages and your first-born child.
McPartlin: I'll have to name my next kid Captain Fantastic then.
He would be like Corporal Awesome or Private Awesome. I'm a crazy person right now. There's about 25 people watching me talk to myself at the NBC store. It's going well. I'm on hour 17.
McPartlin: That's awesome...uh, that's fantastic, I should say. Thank you for hijacking my interview. Now, Zach, what would you say to fans that brought the show back from the brink of death?
From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for believing in the vision and the collective talent that brings Chuck together. I hope that we do right by you with this next season. I hope you are all more than pleased with the direction and vision of the show. I hope that more viewers come to find it so you don't have to fight so hard next year.

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McPartlin: Hey Zach, I'm wondering if we can get some sort of pyramid scheme where if they each get two fans, they can get a reward somehow.
Levi: What reward is that going to be? Are you going to go on a date with each of them, Ryan? Wow, I just turned around and there are another 20 people behind me. Does anyone here watch Chuck? [Scant applause] Two? Two people? Captain Awesome is offering for every fan that gets two more fans to watch Chuck, he'll go on a date with them. He's married, so he's really saying a lot right now. [Huge applause] Does that come with a kiss, Ryan?
McPartlin: You have to ask my wife, but I'm willing to.
He says he's willing. [More applause] Ryan, I'm holding up a Captain Awesome shirt right now. I'm not convinced I'm going to buy it.