Vik Sahay with Zachary Levi, <I>Chuck</i> Vik Sahay with Zachary Levi, Chuck

Chuck could snap back into action sooner than planned, if his increasingly cool services are called for.

Though the action-comedy isn't expected to return until March 2010 — after NBC's Winter Olympics coverage has wrapped — cast and crew will commence production on the hard-earned Season 3 in August.

That way, "We will be ready to come back whenever we're asked to come back," Vik Sahay (who plays the Buy More's morally challenged Lester) said during a visit with "And that's good to know."

What's also good to know is that Chuck's 13-episode order could be super-sized if the series returns to strong ratings.

"That's the hope," says Sahay. "[NBC boss Ben Silverman] said he'll push us into the summer with a back nine [order], so we're planning on making the shows that good."

Season 3, of course, offers a special promise in that Chuck now can "flash" on skills — all together now: "I know kung fu" — as well as names and places. But how exactly will that game-changing twist amp up the new episodes?

Sahay couldn't share specifics, but said, "What I admire about [cocreators] Josh [Schwartz] and Chris [Fedak] and the writers is how they put together shows that move things forward. And [Chuck's new ability] is going to make things hilarious... and wild."

Coming soon in our complete video Q&A with Sahay: How cost-conscious Chuck will affect Lester and his Buy More buddies. Plus: Will Sarah serve up Subway sandwiches?

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