Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski

Before we eat that last footlong and pour a 40-ounce soft drink out on the curb, there are 13 more episodes of Chuck left in its fifth and final season, kicking off Friday (8/7c on NBC).

Much has happened to our titular Nerd Herder-turned-spy and his friends, family and fellow agents in the past four seasons. And for the most part, we're fairly satisfied. We've seen Chuck (Zachary Levi) come into his own as a spy and as a man by finally marrying Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski). We've met his butt-kicking parents (Linda Hamilton, Scott Bakula), saw Ellie and Awesome (Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin) have a baby and even witnessed Morgan (Josh Gomez) find romance.

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But now with only 13 episodes left, can the rest of our hopes and dreams for Chuck be fulfilled? We know that at least one wish will come true: Col. Casey (Adam Baldwin) will get a love interest. The show is bringing on the equally tough and intimidating Gertrude Verbanski (guest star Carrie-Ann Moss) to raise Casey's blood pressure.

Here are 12 things we'd like to see happen in Season 5 before we say our final goodbyes to Chuck:

1. Chuck gets re-Intersected. Sorry Morgan, but Chuck is the original and best vessel for the Intersect, partly because he's the everyman we root for but also because his dad was the Intersect's chief architect. It stands to reason that the other brainy Bartowski, Chuck's sister Ellie, should help reinstall it.

2. Ellie kicks butt. We agree with Lancaster: Ellie should get a chance to shoot a gun or put the hurt on a bad guy for once. Perhaps she could test-drive the Intersect before giving it to Chuck? She has the compatible Bartowski DNA!

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3. Casey meets a Browncoat. We loved seeing Summer Glau, but how about another nod to Baldwin's history on Firefly? Or we'd be satisfied with any Whedonverse guest star. We're not picky.

4. Morgan gets a famous father. This is the perfect chance for some heavily bearded stunt-casting for Morgan's absent dad. He should probably show up at the double wedding for Morgan and Alex (Mekenna Melvin) and for Big Mike and Bolonia (Mark Christopher Lawrence, Patricia Rae). We don't know if there actually will be a wedding, much less weddings, but a fan can dream, right?

5. Hannah returns. This cute, unemployed computer tech is perhaps one of our favorite Kristin Kreuk roles ever (sorry, Smallville fans!) and we've always felt that her exit was strangely abrupt, not to mention rude after Chuck dumped her (to protect her, but still). Give us some closure already and make it a happy ending.

6. Volkoff/Hartley challenges the Bartowskis to a charades rematch. Timothy Dalton is Pure. Comedy. Gold.

7. Stephen J. Bartowski returns. Yes, he's technically dead, but he was always leaving clues and gadgets for Chuck and Ellie. Let's uncover another secret lair that somehow adjoins Castle.

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8. Ellie and Sarah develop their 'homance. Chuck and Morgan. Morgan and Casey. Morgan and Awesome. Enough of the bromances and let's have the ladies prove women can be funny and nurture deep friendships without resorting to Real Housewives-style histrionics. Besides, this would bring out the softer, domestic side of Sarah.

9. Awesome goes shirtless. It's all within context of course. He could be visiting Costa Gravas to pose for another statue.

10. Jeffster! auditions for The Voice. None of the judges turn their chairs around. Bonus: NBC crossover!

11. Daniel Shaw dies again. We really do like Brandon Routh, but despised his character Shaw and how he almost ruined Chuck and Sarah's relationship several times. We just want to ascertain that he's good and dead so he won't ever interfere with their happiness again. Let's set up another death and while we're at it, watch him get cremated. Too gruesome?

12. We get a peek at the future. We're big fans of those flashforward bits at the end of movies. We'd like to see where the gang ends up in 18 years or so. By this time Baby Awesome, aka Clara, is in her teens and perhaps taking on the family spy biz alongside Chuck and Sarah's kid(s). Morgan and Alex will have procreated as well, but we have a fuzzier view of what that offspring will be up to.

That's our Season 5 Chuck wish list. What's yours?

Chuck airs on Fridays at 8/7c on NBC.