On Thursday's Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and Christina Aguilera went down to the Rockefeller Center subway station to busk in disguise. Aguilera — whose new album, Liberation, is out today — wore a big floppy hat that hid her face, but her voice is unmistakable. It fills the whole station. Fallon played the banjo while wearing a weird hat and a fake goatee. It was a Johnny Depp-esque look.

They performed Aretha Franklin's "Think" as a crowd gathered to marvel at this mystery woman's powerful pipes. Then they removed their disguises and performed Aguilera's own "Fighter."

Every time Fallon does this — he's done it with Miley Cyrus, too (precisely one year earlier, oddly enough) — I think "I hope they're doing this in the middle of the day. If they got in the way of my commute, I'd knock that goofy hat off Fallon's head."

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