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On this week's Bachelor Pad, Melissa's emotions finally lead to her dismissal, Blake and Holly continued to develop a romance, Erica tried to massage her way to a new partner and of course, there was a kissing contestant. Host Chris Harrison tells us how the contestants tried to get out of the competition (again) and why he calls Graham and Michelle the mob bosses in the house.

Other than Michelle opting out of the kissing contest, did you get any uproar from the house?
Chris Harrison:
It became a weekly occurrence with this crew that they would throw a temper tantrum, like, we're not going to do it. I finally said, "Look, guys, it's a kissing contest; you can peck them on the cheek if you want, it's not that big of a deal," but the funny thing is when they got into it, they got into it.

Chris Harrison: "A make out is the new handshake" on Bachelor Pad

Are you surprised Ella won?
I was a little surprised to see that side of her. She's so buttoned up. But I love that she showed her Southern charm a little more because she's got a great sense of humor and charisma that the fans don't get to see as much.

What was it like standing there as Blake and Holly kissed?
Harrison: The vantage point of staring at Blake and then looking at Michael was incredibly uncomfortable. I have to give Blake some credit because the guy has stones the size of bowling balls for pulling all of this while Michael is right there. He's either the craziest guy in the world or the bravest guy in the world.

Do you think Holly is playing Michael because she wants him as a partner?
I know it appears through the editing and through the show that she's leading him on, but people have to take into consideration that she does care for Michael, she loves him to death, and so while when she's with Blake it seems carefree, when she's with Michael .... all of the sudden she's back and confused. So I give her a little leeway.

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What do you think about Erica's strategy to use her feminine wiles to get what she wants?
Erica has an incredibly interesting way of negotiating and strategizing; she's classic. Last week she kisses Jake and this week she basically tells Blake, "I'll massage you and pretty much anything goes." Holly is still teamed up with Michael, so Erica sees an opening here and she's going for it, but of course how she's going for it is unlike how anybody in the world is going for it, but that's her style.

It looks like Blake has a tough time next week in the challenge.
It's definitely a sign that Blake has not ingratiated himself in the house and has not made a lot of friends as far as the ladies go. Melissa was emotional, but she also had a point. If you can get past the stirring of the yogurt last night, Blake played her. The women, as much as Melissa may have driven them crazy, they get it and weren't appreciative of the way Blake treated her and that lingers on.

When are we going to see more of Graham and Michelle's relationship?
Graham and Michelle are being very sly and are really careful not to throw their relationship in everybody's face and cause a stir with it because it makes you a target. They haven't let their emotions and the fact that they're into each other cloud their judgment or cloud their game.

They're definitely flying under the radar.
Harrison: For now Kasey is in charge, but Kasey has worked so hard and has made so many ripples that now Graham and Michelle are quietly the king and queen of Bachelor Pad. Believe me, Graham and Michelle have done just as much backstabbing and conniving, they just do it in a sweeter way. They're like the mob bosses, just because they ordered the hit doesn't mean their hands aren't dirty — they're just prettier.