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This week's Bachelor Pad highlighted a showdown between Jake and Kasey, but failed to show the outcome of the close votes. Host Chris Harrison tells us who is sticking around next week and what the fallout of the decision will be. Plus: Harrison jokes about Jake and Erica kissing to seal their pact and teases next week's return of the infamous kissing contest.

The episode ended before the elimination. What happened?
Chris Harrison:
I know people are freaked-out by the cliff-hanger, but Kasey did get the final rose and Jake is leaving. The story — and what you'll see play out next week — is what happens after. Jake has strong words as he's leaving. I don't know why the stragglers couldn't pull it together and see they had leverage. It's those swing guys like Blake, William and Kirk who didn't realize how much power they had and felt so emboldened to Kasey and the power couples as if they'd keep them around.

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Are you surprised Erica became so competitive and tried to get Kasey out?
I think part of her game is acting aloof and that's she's out of it and doesn't care, but she's a lot savvier than people give her credit for. She's floating along, but at the same time listening to everybody and she knew she wasn't a part of the power couples so she had to make a decision. Last night you saw her rise to the top and say to Jake, "We have to make a move now." I don't know what her make-out session with Jake was about though.

While on most reality shows player shake on a deal, on this show they kiss on it.
Yep, a make-out is the new handshake. The producers said they watched it and weren't even sure how it happened. The one minute they're talking and making a deal and then they just started making out. In Bachelor Pad the make-out is the equivalent of the handshake.

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With Melissa continually crying over Blake, how is she going to fare in the game?
She's really just a pawn. You saw Melissa being passed around and she is so emotional that she has no idea. Did Blake use her and lead her on in the beginning of the game? Yes he did. But I think Melissa has to be adult enough to realize, "I'm in a game, OK I got played," and move on. I'm surprised at just how hung up she got on the thing.

You must've died when you heard Kasey sing again.
He's got to stop. I can say this because I know I'm a terrible singer as well, but you need to know certain things about yourself as a human being and one thing is whether you can sing or not. Kasey is one of those people who needs to not.

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I guess Vienna enjoys it.
The most compelling thing to me this season is not just Kasey, Jake and Vienna, it's just Kasey and Vienna. Their fights are spectacular, their make-up sessions are spectacular; everything about them is so extreme. They both wear their emotions on their sleeve and that's OK with them. Obviously they make each other happy in their own special way and they know how to deal with each other. Who else is in the middle of a speech professing your love when your girl says, "I hope that's not an engagement ring" and two minutes later he's singing to her and they're making out. I find them so captivating to watch.

Any teases for next week aside from Jake's exit?
Harrison:  Next week is the infamous kissing contest. They saw what happened last year and the whole idea stirs up a lot of emotion. I deliver another one of my speeches where I say, "Pull it together or leave."