Chris Brown Chris Brown

Chris Brown is addressing the public for the first time since his February arrest.

In video footage that surfaced on Bow Wow's Website, Brown says, "All my real fans ... I ain't a monster." (Watch the video here. Note: The video does include some adult language.)

During the 11-minute clip, filmed in a bowling alley, the pop star also addresses members of the media. "All the blog sites are liars," he says. "You guys lie. No black eye. You guys are liars."

In addition, Brown reveals that he has a new album in the works, called Graffiti, with a single due out this summer.

In March, the pop star was charged with two felonies after accusations that he attacked then-girlfriend Rihanna. Brown had retreated from the public eye following his arrest in the early hours before the Grammy Awards on Feb. 8. Soon after the incident, a photo of a battered woman reported to be Rihanna was leaked on the Internet.

Last month, Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, said he hoped to have the case dismissed because of the leaked photo. The case's next court date was set for May 28. Neither Brown nor Rihanna are required to attend the hearing.

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