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Antonio Crossed a Line in the Chicago P.D. Finale and Now Intelligence Is Screwed

Where do they even go from here?

Keisha Hatchett

(Fair warning that this post will contain spoilers from Chicago P.D.'s midseason finale, titled "Descent." Read at your own risks. Now hit it.)

"What the hell just happened?" Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) blurts out at the end of Chicago P.D.'s gripping midseason finale, asking the very thing we're all wondering. What exactly did we just witness?

Antonio (Jon Seda) delivered one mother of a shocker when he shoved the guy who kidnapped his daughter out of a window and watched him fall to his death as a stunned Ruzek and Voight (Jason Beghe) looked on. That impulsive decision now leaves Intelligence in one hell of a bind and the distant sirens in the background make it clear that they have very little time to cover this up, especially since Antonio still has traces of drugs in his system. The crew is, in a word, screwed. Royally.

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We all know Voight is pretty adept at making his team's various indiscretions disappear into the void but this feels like a completely different beast. Could Antonio's deadly choice be the thing that finally breaks the sergeant? According to showrunner Rick Eid, maybe not.

"I would never wanna say Voight has bitten off more than he can chew but it's a difficult situation and it's not gonna go the way you think it's gonna go in the [winter premiere]," he told TV Guide.

Still, Antonio put his team in a pretty rough spot. An addiction to oxycodone is a tough habit to kick and given that this is an election year, the crew shouldn't expect department superintendent Brennan to provide any support from above. If Antonio expects to make it through this debacle in one piece, he'll need the entire team on his side including Ruzek who hasn't seen eye-to-eye with him this season.

"You'll see if Ruzek is a guy who holds grudges, if Ruzek is a guy that believes in a code," Eid said of the intelligence detective. "You'll see what Adam Ruzek's all about in this moment."

It's an issue that will be dealt with immediately when P.D. returns in January. While we don't know how the crew will handle the situation, Rick says that whatever they decide may come back to haunt them later on. "It's a messy situation where there's no perfect solution," he teased.

See how it all turns out when new episodes of Chicago P.D. arrive in January 2019 on NBC.

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Jon Seda, Chicago P.D.

Jon Seda, Chicago P.D.

Sandy Morris/NBC