On the Season 3 finale of Chicago P.D., Voight (Jason Beghe) told Lindsay (Sophia Bush) to flee the scene so that she wouldn't be a witness to Voight revenge-killing the man who murdered his son and burying the body. There's really no way for Voight to get out of this one, but is there a chance Lindsay could also be charged as an accessory to murder?

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"[Voight's] a father figure to her," Jesse Lee Soffer, who plays Lindsay's boyfriend Halstead on the show, tells us. "So she's going to try to take care of him. ... What's really important for Halstead is making sure that Lindsay doesn't end up in jail, Lindsay doesn't end up going down with Voight."

Potential legal problems aside, Lindsay will be dealing with her own personal loss when the season picks up, and may have to depend on Halstead to not let her emotions get the better of her. "She lost her brother, essentially," he says. "This season more than any other, Lindsay and Halstead are going to really rely on each other."

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