Chicago P.D's Intelligence crew will look slightly different when the show returns this fall. The NBC drama ended Season 5 on a heartbreaking note with Olinksy (Elias Koteas) succumbing to his injuries after being stabbed by a fellow inmate while in jail facing charges for Bingham's (Joseph Sikora) murder.

His shocking death rocked the team to its core and for Voight (Jason Beghe), the loss was almost too much to bear. The distressed sergeant closed out the season in an emotional rage, sobbing and punching the wall while grieving his fallen friend. According to Marina Squerciati, Voight's visceral reaction to losing Olinksy will be a major influencing factor on the season ahead.

Chicago P.D.'s Shocking Finale Reveals Olinsky's Fate

"I think the way that Voight comes back to the team is [what's] going to shape the season," she told TV Guide during NBC's upfronts red carpet on Monday.

After all, he is the head of Intelligence and sets the tone for the entire unit. But given the distraught emotional state we last saw him in, it looks like Intelligence is in for one rough season ahead. Especially since the rest of the team will also have to process the huge loss.

"I'm looking forward to seeing how we all take that information individually," added LaRoyce Hawkins.

Chicago P.D. returns to NBC this fall.

Elias Koteas, <em>Chicago P.D.</em>Elias Koteas, Chicago P.D.