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Chicago P.D.'s Marina Squerciati Opens Up About Burgess' Personal Vendetta

Is Kim about to cross over to the dark side?

Keisha Hatchett

When it comes to bending the rules, Voight (Jason Beghe) has made a career out of doing what he thinks is necessary in order to catch the bad guys. However, in Chicago P.D.'s "Sisterhood," it was Burgess (Marina Squerciati) who unleashed her darker side when she admitted that she could have prevented the murder of a suspected rapist but said nothing because she wanted him to pay for his crimes against women.

During a heart-to-heart with Voight, a man who has committed his fair share of dirty deeds, Burgess revealed her personal vendetta against the suspect and proved that even the bubbly detective is prone to allowing her personal feelings to affect her judgment on a case. It's a moment that brought her closer to her sergeant, who was more than understanding of her predicament.

"He's always been protective of Burgess," Marina Squerciati explained to TV Guide. "I think that he felt for Burgess but he also knows that that's what Chicago is and that's what Chicago does to you. It sort of beats the cute out of you."

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Burgess' dark admission may have come as a surprise to P.D. fans who are used to her bright demeanor but given own experiences with sexual assault, her desire for revenge makes sense. After all, her sister was drugged and raped towards the end of Season 4 and she almost became a victim herself while going undercover to catch the culprits, so you can see why this particular case hit close to home and exposed a side of herself that Burgess didn't even know she had.

For Squerciati, who plays the conflicted detective, exploring those dark feelings on P.D. was important not only for her but for the fans of the show who could relate to Burgess' rage.

"To be so cute in the beginning and then go on a vendetta [at the end of "Sisterhood"] has been really beautiful," Squerciati said. "A lot of women came up to me and shared their stories of sexual assault and [that] living through a character that goes through a vendetta was really empowering for them. So to even represent that in a little way is great."'

And now that Burgess has tapped into her darker side, does this mean we're about to see Darth Burgess rise? According to Squerciati, there's a chance we'll see her channel her dark side more, but given that Intelligence is on the verge of possibly losing its leader, that won't be happening anytime soon.

"I think the end of this season is going to focus on Voight. Our fearless leader committed murder [so] how do you resolve that?," she added. "I'm interested to see, probably next season, how we pick up with Burgess and what she does and how this changes her."

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

Marina Squerciati, Chicago P.D.

Marina Squerciati, Chicago P.D.

Matt Dinerstein/NBC