It's been a rough few weeks for the One Chicago family with the loss of Olinksy on Chicago P.D. and Monica Raymund announcing that she's leaving Chicago Fire. Now, it looks like Chicago Med could be the next to see a major character exit following the departure of Mekia Cox earlier in the season.

The Season 3 finale saw Connor (Colin Donnell) receive the opportunity of a lifetime after his standout performance in a groundbreaking surgery to separate infant conjoined twins. Connor, who had been reeling from the loss of a different patient, initially backed out of the risky procedure citing his poor judgment. But when a complication arose, he immediately scrubbed in to save the day! The bold move caught the attention of some very important people who offered him an attending spot at the prestigious Mayo Clinic. The question is, will he take that coveted spot or continue his tumultuous relationship with Ava (Norma Kuhling) at Chicago Med?

"I'm hoping that he doesn't go anywhere," Colin Donnell told TV Guide during NBC's Upfront red carpet event. "He's kind of at a low point right now. He's got a big decision to make."

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And that's not the only major question the show will have to address in Season 4. Will (Nick Gehlfuss) finally asked Natalie (Torrey DeVitto) to marry him and her answer has yet to be revealed, leaving their relationship status up in the air. After all, he popped the question right after Natalie discovered that Dr. Frisch (Emma Duncan) is the mystery woman he drunkenly made out with (and nearly slept with) while they were on a break, so she might not respond the way he anticipates. Let's just hope they can work this out because they've come way too far for things to end so disastrously.

The stressful hour also saw Ethan (Brian Tee) and April (Yaya DaCosta) have a falling out over what to do with Ethan's troubled sister Emily (Arden Cho). Since her arrival, Emily has stirred up a flurry of issues for the couple and her latest drug binge, which landed her in the hospital, proved to be the final straw for April. After Ethan insisted on taking Emily home rather than check her into a rehab facility, April firmly told him he'd be going home without her. So does this mean it's over between Ethan and April?

"I think they're being called to reevaluate what's important to them. They love each other and they wanna be together but we're gonna have to see if they're able to work this out," Yaya DaCosta teased.

With so much happening in the finale — including Sarah's (Rachel DiPillo) biological father dropping dead right after Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) confronted him about being a serial killer — Season 4 is looking mightily complicated.

Colin Donnell, <em>Chicago Med</em>Colin Donnell, Chicago Med