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Chicago Med Exclusive: Rhodes' One-Night Stand Takes an Unexpected Turn

What has he gotten himself into?

Keisha Hatchett

This week's Chicago Med finds Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell) in a tricky situation when his date Margot wakes up with tightness in her chest.

In this exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday's episode, the heart surgeon swings into action and brings her straight to the hospital for inspection despite her assurances that it's probably nothing. "The first thing they teach you in med school: always take chest pains seriously," he tells her.

The cautionary visit turns into a somewhat embarrassing affair when it becomes obvious that she is just one of his many one-night stands -- something Dr. Bekker (Norma Kuhling) won't let him live down. "It must be hard to remember all their names," she teases. Expect her ribbing to get worse now that we know his date is married.

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While Rhodes deals with his increasingly complicated personal life, the episode will also see Manning (Torrey DeVitto) struggle with the fallout from her head injury. The feat will be made all the more difficult given that she and Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) have to deal with a patient whose overbearing and much older spouse might not be looking out for her best interests.

Watch it all go down when a new episode of Chicago Med airs Tuesday at 10/9c on NBC.

Colin Donnell, Chicago Med

Colin Donnell, Chicago Med

Elizabeth Sisson/NBC