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Chicago Med Bosses Unpack That Jaw-Dropping Kiss in the Fall Finale

Plus, for the first time in his life Will Halstead doesn't mess something up.

Jean Bentley

[Warning: The following contains spoilers from the fall finale of Chicago Med. Read at your own risk!]

Chicago Med is going on hiatus for the holidays, which is probably why its last episode before the break included a legitimately shocking kiss between Dr. Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains) and his new mentor, transplant Dr. Pamela Blake (Sarah Rafferty), extra complicated since Crockett has been dating her daughter, Avery (Johanna Braddy); a jaw-dropping revelation for most of the staff, that Nurse Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) is the birth mother of young Dr. Vanessa Taylor (Asjha Cooper); an eye-opening experience for Dr. Archer (Steven Weber); and the most shocking development of all: that Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) didn't do anything stupid to ruin the case he and Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) had built against their corrupt colleague Dr. Cooper (Michael Rady).

In fact, Will wasn't the one to report Cooper's shady doings to the FBI — the doctor illegally got a commission for using a specific medical device — but rather Goodwin was, an act that will certainly come back and haunt her in the second half of the season. Chicago Med showrunners Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov hopped on the phone with TV Guide to discuss all of these revelations and more of the biggest developments from season 7's winter finale, "Secret Santa Has a Gift for You."

The entire episode I just kept thinking Will's going to do something stupid, isn't he? And then he didn't.
Schneider: Wasn't that unusual?

I was so excited for him. That feels like personal growth.
Schneider: Don't worry, coming up he'll do some stupid thing.

That is a key trait of his character. Can you talk about wrapping up this investigative arc that he's been on? And also not having him be the one to blow the whistle ultimately, having Goodwin do it. It seems like there will be some severe consequences for her.
Frolov: Yes. That's right. We'll be playing that in the second half of the season. And also for Will in the sense that what people feel about him, the fact that he didn't tell them what was going on, particularly like Stevie [Hammer (Kristen Hager)].

Schneider: There'll be repercussions. But to the first part of the question, Goodwin was driving this investigation and so it made sense to us that she would take the responsibility to blow the whistle, rather than this guy that she had brought in to really work for her on it. We thought that was a more responsible, boss thing to do. So that's why we had her be the one. We like the thought that knowing who Will is there's this worry that he's not going to let it sit and we thought it was an interesting way to twist the story and make it surprising that it was her.

Will's going to continue to be involved as Goodwin begins to face those consequences, but what else can you say for him? Where's his focus going to be?
Schneider: Well, we do have a storyline coming. We don't want to tip it, but it's how his life is going to change as a result of this investigation and the FBI coming in. It is going to make a profound change in his life. But I don't really want to tip where it goes yet.

That's something very nice and mysterious to look forward to. We've seen a lot of Will's love life throughout the show, but it feels like this season he really is concentrating on work a little bit more. Is he going to get involved in romance again soon or is that not really his focus at the moment?
Frolov: Well, we are thinking about that again in the latter part of the season. We did want to play a little different with Will this season where he has more of a friendship with a woman than the pining we've played previously.

Schneider: You're right in that the first part of the season, he's been so involved with this investigation that he really didn't have time for romance, and although it appeared something might happen with [pharma rep] Jessa that certainly blew up. Think of it this way: that in the back half he's a guy trying to get his life back. In a way, he gave it over to Goodwin for this investigation, and now it's time to get it back.

It definitely seems like he has a good rapport with Stevie, his old classmate, so it sounds like maybe we can just keep watching that relationship and see what happens.
Schneider: Yeah, you can do that!

While we're talking about romance, let's talk about Crockett and Dr. Blake and that kiss, which I absolutely did not see coming. What can you say about it?
Frolov: Well, it's a bit of a triangle for him there with Avery, and it's awkward, right? Dr. Blake does not know anything about him having gone out with Avery. So that's awkward. We're going to continue playing that.

Schneider: And the problems that trying to have a relationship with your boss presents.

Frolov: I mean, at the end of this episode, she makes it clear that this is a one-time event, but...

Schneider: She doesn't mean it.

I also imagine that both mother and daughter aren't necessarily going to be too pleased when they find out what is going on.
Schneider: You're right!

Frolov: They're not too pleased.

Dominic Rains, Chicago Med

Dominic Rains, Chicago Med


Maggie and Vanessa's secret was finally revealed. What does this mean for Maggie and what does this mean for their relationship?
Frolov: Professionally, we play a little bit of that coming back in ten about the fallout from that announcement. But the two of them are going to — you know, Maggie is back in Vanessa's [life] and vice versa. So, we're going to keep exploring that. What does it mean? What does it mean in terms of Vanessa's adopted family?

Schneider: And then there's the question of who is the biological father? Does he re-enter the picture in some way?

Frolov: Vanessa's announcement answered some questions, but then of course it raises a lot more.

Are we getting Dr. Choi back again anytime soon? 
Frolov: He does return in [Episode] 12 with a story about his family, about his father. He won't be back in the hospital. This will be post-surgery but he'll still be in recovery. And he will come back to Chicago Med on a permanent basis towards the end of the last few episodes.

Schneider: He will be back back.

Dr. Archer and Dr. Charles seem to have a little truce, especially after Dr. Archer goes through this PTSD situation and makes some realizations about the way that Dr. Charles operates and how he tries to make patients feel better. What can you say about that and their relationship? Is Dr. Archer going to be a little bit softer in the future?
Frolov: I wouldn't say he's softer, but it's just allowing us to see where some of his behavior comes from. But it's definitely a step forward in the relationship with Dr. Charles.

Schneider: We thought it really will make a difference in their relationship. But look, Archer is still Archer and the things that make him do bad things are still there. He might have a little deeper understanding, but he is who he is. He's a complex guy.

It's been really interesting to get to know the newcomers, Dr. Scott (Guy Lockard) and Dr. Hammer. We've gotten several episodes into both of their backstories. What can you say about their storylines going forward? I feel like maybe we might see something between Stevie and Will but what about those two in this second half of the season?
Schneider: Well, one thing is that the story of Stevie and her mom continues in the back half.

Frolov: And we kind of bring that to a resolution.

Schneider: Yeah. But her past does keep playing into her present and experiences she had, and very much so the same with Dylan having been a cop, that becomes very much a part of his present life and will continue.

Frolov: Yeah, in the back half of the season we're going to be really going into that more.

What else can you say that might be able to tide people over during the break?
Schneider: How about a romance for Dr. Charles?

Oh, interesting! Tell me more! Or is that all you can say?
Schneider: I think that's enough! And maybe a little romance for Dylan is in the offing.

Oh, I'm interested in that. I want to know what kind of person Dylan goes for. Listen, we love this show for the medical drama and for the kissing.
Schneider: Hey, that was a pretty hot kiss with Crockett and Blake, wasn't it?

It was! My jaw legitimately dropped.

Chicago Med returns Wednesday, Jan. 5 at 8/7 on NBC.