On Chicago Justice's Season 1 finale, a real estate tycoon who happens to be an old friend of Mark Jefferies (Carl Weathers) is in shock after a construction accident that resulted in his son-in-law's death. But Stone (Philip Winchester) smells a rat.

This exclusive sneak peek gives us a first look at the friend in question, a real estate tycoon named Frank Linden, played by guest star Richard Schiff (The West Wing).

In the clip, Frank's son — an attorney — tells Stone and Jeffries that he heard the crane operator in question tested positive for cocaine, and that this isn't his first offense. But based on the conversation that ensues, it appears that there are some interesting family dynamics at play between Frank, his son, and the victim. And while Jefferies seems blinded by his loyalty to his friend, Stone can sense that something isn't right.

The Chicago Justice Season 1 finale airs Sunday at 9/8c on NBC>