Chicago Fire Chicago Fire

The firefighters of Chicago Fire run through burning buildings and perform daring rescues nearly every day, so they desperately need a place to unwind.

Thankfully, they have Molly's, the local bar owned by Herrmann, Dawson and Otis, which is based on the real-life longtime Chicago watering hole Lottie's.

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In this video, star David Eigenberg gives viewers an all-access tour of Molly's and even stirs up some mischief in the process. So how does Molly's compare to the real Lottie's? Whose artwork is hanging on the wall of Molly's? And which member of the Chicago Fire team is Molly's fake beer named after? Pull up a chair, grab a cold one and check out Eigenberg's tour below:

Chicago Fire airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.