Brian, Michael, Kevin Brian, Michael, Kevin

Spoiler Alert: The following reveals the winner of Wednesday night's Top Chef finale.

Seventeen chefs were pared down to three for the final challenge of Top Chef: Las Vegas. Now one wears the culinary crown.

Top Chef's Tom Colicchio sizes up the three finalists

Following Jen's departure in Part 1 of the finale, the remaining three chefs — Kevin Gillespie and brothers Bryan and Michael Voltaggio — battled it out. For the first course, the ingredients were dictated, while the second was to be made from anything in the kitchen. The third, however, had to be the ever-dreaded dessert course.

As expected, the three cheftestants got a little help from this season's castoffs by drawing knives. Bryan got Ashley and Jen; Mike drew Eli and Jesse; and Kevin had to work with Ash and Preeti (much to his dismay).

After a day of prepping, the finalists received a little surprise the next morning following a knock on the door — it was their mothers. But the tender moment came at a price: Tom Colicchio told them they must create a last-minute, fourth course dedicated to their mothers and inspired by their favorite childhood dish.

Top Chef's Jen: "I was thrown" by Tom Colicchio's comment

Contrary to our poll favorite, Kevin was sent home first, leaving the Voltaggio brothers pitted against one another.

And winner of Top Chef's Season 6: Michael.

"I wish both of us could win," Michael said, breaking into tears when their mother walked out.

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