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Top Chef's Tom Colicchio isn't giving any hints as to who will win on Wednesday's finale (Kevin in the current favorite in our poll with 61 percent of the vote), but he says this about the final three: "I think their strengths are their weaknesses."

Poll: Who will win Top Chef?

"Often in life, you find someone's strength is their Achilles' heel," Colicchio told at an event, sponsored by American Express, in which his food is paired with wine and musical selections by John Legend.

"Kevin's technique runs more toward the conventional side of things. So his food can come off as very simple," he says. "What he does is very subtle. Subtlety can be a strength if you understand what he's trying to do, but if you're looking for real shock value, it can be his [downfall]."

Colicchio explains that Michael's penchant for innovation could also be a liability. "Some of the things he did, for someone as young as he is, are just brilliant. But that creativity under pressure can lead you to take a risk that completely doesn't work. So that can bring him down as well," he says.

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Michael's brother, Bryan, is someone who needs to keep an eye on his play-it-safe style, according to Colicchio. "Bryan is much more conservative than his brother. He knows the same techniques as Michael and is very modern, but he doesn't take the risk or chance. So sometimes his food can come off as bland or simple, and there's no wow factor there."

Colicchio made one thing clear: Tonight's winner will be the choice of the judges alone. "We decide who stays and who goes, and that is our decision, contrary to popular belief that the producers keep someone on," he says. "That doesn't happen on our show."

What do you think of Colicchio's take on the finalists? Who's your favorite to win?