It's Academic It's Academic

Cheers to It's Academic for celebrating its 50th year on the air.

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Never heard of the show? You must not have grown up in the Washington D.C. area, where the high-school quiz show has been a fixture (as has its host, Mac McGarry) for a solid half-century. To mark its Guinness Book of World Records-approved status as TV's longest-running quiz show, It's Academic has recently recruited an impressive roster of celebrity quizmasters, including Supreme Court justices Clarence Thomas and Stephen Breyer as well as myriad Senators, cabinet secretaries and journalists like Brian Williams.

The list of distinguished alumni who have competed on the program is just as formidable. Among the veterans are Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos... and yours truly, who represented Yorktown High School in 1983 and 1984. Hey, where's my invite to be a Celebrity Quizmaster?

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