Tyra Banks Tyra Banks

Jeers to Tyra Banks for trying — and failing — to remodel America's Next Top Model.

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After falling short of finding the show's goal 14 times, the supermodel states repeatedly that she's "raising the bar" for Cycle 15, bringing in top-name designers (Diane Von Furstenberg), photographers (Matthew Rolston) and judges (André Leon Talley) as well as a more prestigious prize — a spread in Italian Vogue and a cover of Beauty in Vogue.

Too bad they couldn't bring in more top-tier talent. As the reinvigorated Project Runway has proven this season, it's all about the casting, and based on Top Model 15's first two episodes, it looks like they've rounded up the usual suspects: the wallflower (6'2" Ann), the hardworking single mom (androgynous Liz), the bitchy city girl (too-thin Queens diva Anamaria), the virgin (germaphobe Kendal), etc. True, there are a few twists — rival siblings Terra and Chris, uber-buxom Orthodox Jew Esther — but most of the contenders are openly typecast. Rhymes Tyra, "What we want you to do is go past the type and ride the hype." So far, we're not believing it.

Do you think Tyra can take Top Model to a higher level?

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