Top Chef DC Top Chef DC

Cheers to Top Chef: D.C. for knocking it out of the park — Nationals Park, that is.

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The six remaining cheftestants on Bravo's Emmy-nominated reality show each took a swing at "elevated baseball cuisine," serving their dishes to Nats fans, players (including Adam Dunn, a latter-day Babe Ruth who sampled all six and promptly served up a tater of his own) — and the judges (including Cal Ripken Jr. lookalike Tom Colicchio).Red Sox fan Ed got the win with his shrimp and corn risotto fritters, while Amanda went home after committing the fatal error of tartare-ing her tuna a day early, allowing it to oxidize and turn gray. ("I was offended by the color of the product," sniffed one of the guest judges.) And unlike in MLB, on

Top Chef: D.C., it's one strike and yer out!Who do you think will be Top Chef: D.C.'s MVP (Most Valuable Pureer)?

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