I Hate My Teenage Daughter I Hate My Teenage Daughter

Jeers to I Hate My Teenage Daughter for being so detestable. How do I hate the new Fox sitcom? Let me count the ways...

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  1. It wastes Emmy-winner Jaime Pressly (My Name Is Earl) in a dumb-bland role as a single mom who was raised by religious zealots.
  2. It wastes Tony-winner Katie Finneran (Promises, Promises) in a degrading role as a single mom who eats pie with her bare hands.
  3. It wastes The Wire's electrifying Chad Coleman as Finneran's African-American ex-hubby — and I describe him that way only because he's otherwise nondescript.
  4. It wastes Bridesmaids' uproarious Wendi McLendon-Covey as Finneran's high-school mean-girl-turned-principal. On the plus side, it keeps her away from playing David Spade's wife on Rules of Engagement.
  5. The titular girls (Kristi Lauren and Aisha Dee) are so abhorrent, it's not even funny; in the pilot, they lock a paraplegic classmate in the bathroom for two hours — which is how long the episode felt.
  6. Pressly's character apparently has a crush on her ex-brother-in-law, an uptight lawyer played by Desperate Housewives' Kevin Rahm. Ewww!
  7. Even the laugh track doesn't seem to find the show's stale gags amusing.
  8. Fox cancelled good shows like Human Target and The Chicago Code to make room for this turkey on their fall schedule.
  9. CBS cancelled The New Adventures of Old Christine, freeing up producers Sherry Bilsing and Ellen Kreamer to cocreate this vastly inferior single-mom sitcom.
  10. The hardest part of making up this list was limiting it to 10 items.

 What do you think of I Hate My Teenage Daughter?

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