Ted Williams, Dr. Phil Ted Williams, Dr. Phil

Jeers to Dr. Phil McGraw for mining Ted Williams' rocky private life for ratings gold.

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"I want to help 'the Man with the Golden Voice,'" the daytime-TV Ph.D. (who weirdly sported matching black leather jackets with Williams) disingenuously declared before launching into what amounted to a three-day on-air intervention. But did he really help Williams — a man who was living on the street a few weeks ago — by sticking TV cameras in his face and encouraging family members he'd abandoned to confront him with his failures? McGraw piled on, calling Williams "a bald-faced lying crack addict."

Apparently, Dr. Phil only made the situation worse by putting Williams and his relatives up at a fancy Hollywood hotel, where they got into an allegedly alcohol-fueled altercation that had to be broken up by police. Now McGraw says he's gotten Williams to agree to check into rehab, where there will be "no cameras, no media," because "rehab should be private." Paging Dr. Drew! 

Do you think Dr. Phil exploited Ted Williams for ratings?

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